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    Artist Focus

    Artist Linda Barkasz Photo

    Linda Barkasz

    Linda Barkasz is the author of the controversial object-trouvé that rose to infamy in the Romanian media under the name The Pink Pony [aka Poneiul Roz]. The manipulated media outrage portrayed her as an artist following extremist ideologies. Barkasz is far from being a right-wing dystopian, on the contrary, her life and her art attempt to follow harmony and human enlightenment.

    Her seemingly naive flat depictions hide a multitude of spiritual and philosophical messages. To apprehend her works, one has to know that the artist does never make use of symbolism lightly. Every animal, every plant, every color, every repetition and connection to numerology are meant to transfer her messages.

    Symbolism being at the center of her works, she changes the energy of one element by combining it with another, like a symbolic chemist. For example she obtains a “protective and guiding” artwork by combining the nurturing “pink” with the “cunning” fox. In most of her works, she places great importance in the relationship man has with nature and nature’s potential for healing and guidance.

    It may seem that she creates her own set of semantics, however the elements she uses are often extensively researched for their historical and mythological meanings. She is thus interested in storytelling, fairy tales and folklore, and the social importance they carried in explaining the meaning of life. Nonetheless, she is bound to the present as her works have a postmodern aesthetic appeal and give a first impression of contemporaneity, and intended tongue-in-cheek humor.

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