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UNICAT is a boutique art agency popularizing the diversity of the Romanian contemporary art scene - with a focus on emerging artists.

The agency offers art advising services to new collectors as well as to organizations that wish to expand their horizons through contemporary art.

Unicat is also an online platform where contemporary art is collected without inhibitions.

Unicat’s friendly art shop is curated with an inclusive perspective while unfolding as a carefully selected showcase of the voices that make-up the local visual arts community.

Unicat's raison d’être is to foster the understanding and dissemination of Romanian contemporary art while highlighting the astonishing diversity and eclecticism of the Romanian creative landscape.

Unicat wants to create a bridge between Romanian living artists and a larger public than the usual gallery-goers. The Unicat project is dedicated to broadening the visibility of contemporary art in Romania as well as making art objects more accessible and conveniently available online through the art shop.

Unicat is founded and developed by Elvira Lupsa with a do-it-yourself approach. The project grew to become a petite art startup managed from Insula 42 - an interdisciplinary creative playground situated in the heart of Bucharest.

Unicat believes that everyone curious enough should have access to art and afford to surround their living and working spaces with it while emerging artists should be fostered so they can strive in a global art market.

I hope you will enjoy discovering artists and acquiring their artworks with Unicat and do ask for our complimentary art advising services if you are thinking of starting a collection or simply changing the mood of a room.

Make art work for you,
Elvira Flora Lupsa
Founder & Art Adviser


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